How We Behave Towards to One Another

“Look up at the night sky. Remember we live on a small planet spinning around our yellow sun. It sits on a spiral arm of our +150,000-light-year-wide Milky Way galaxy. Our galactic home holds an estimated 200 billion other stars. Recent calculations place the number of galaxies in the known universe at two trillion. Each of these could contain billions of stars, together totaling more than all the grains of sand on the earth. And each star likely hosts a planetary system. The sheer vastness of creation staggers the mind. Yet this presents just the tiniest inkling of the majesty of God.
Today’s feast, Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, ends our liturgical year . . . Whatever images we choose for our triune deity – the Alpha and Omega, the prime mover of all creation – God remains the centre of our cosmic story. And the grandeur of the universe is linked directly to how we behave towards one another. ‘Just as you did it to one of the least brothers and sisters of mine, you did to me.“
Michael Dougherty, Whitehorse, YT
Living in Christ – Feast of Christ the King
During this time of the COVID pandemic it is more important than ever ‘how we behave towards to one another’. We are very grateful for the many acts of kindness, compassion and generosity that are taking place in our schools and in our community. We continue to exercise diligence in practicing those key everyday actions to protect our health and the health of those around us: masking, hand hygiene, staying within one’s cohort and staying home when sick.
“Just as you did it to one of the least brothers and sisters of mine, you did to me.”