Cyber Security Awareness Month

This is the final week of K-12 Cyber Security Awareness Month (CSAM) which is running October 26 to November 20. CSAM is a partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Education, the Educational Computing Network of Ontario (ECNO), and school boards across Ontario. It is an internationally recognized campaign traditionally held each October to inform people around the world of the importance of cyber security – this year being the 17th year.
The K-12 CSAM campaign recognizes the new education realities and new ways of teaching, learning, and connecting that students, parents and staff have had to embrace amid the reality of COVID-19.
This year’s campaign theme is “Work, Teach, Learn Remote, Secure and Safe” with an objective of helping everyone in K-12 education – teachers, staff, students, and parents – be safer and more secure online. The campaign provides resources to help everyone understand pertinent cyber threats and know a few simple steps to protect themselves, their workplace, learning space, and their devices.
The campaign is divided into themes which highlight different aspects of cyber security, online privacy and online (cyber) safety, as all three areas are of equal importance to K-12.
  • Work, Teach and Learn from Anywhere
  • Why Me?
  • Think Before You Click, Post or Share
  • Be Smart and Safe Online
For each theme, custom resources, and links to resources from multiple reputable sources are provided (English and French).